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What's in your Manual?
Automotive Terms
Safety Precautions
Tool Information
Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Troubleshooting by Symptom
Step by Step Repair Procedures
Illustrations and Diagrams
Labor Times
Technical Service Bulletins
OEM Part Numbers and Prices
Wiring Schematics
Recall Information
* Coverage varies by year, make, model, and engine configuration
Things people ask
What kind of computer do I need?
You can use RepairSurge on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. You just need an internet connection.
What if I need help locating certain repair information?
Your dedicated support rep will help you find anything you need.
Can I print things out?
Is technical support available?
Yes, but most people never request it. RepairSurge is very easy to use.
Do you have a manual for my motorcycle/lawnmower/vintage stereo?
No, but we can probably help you find it!
Blowing the Doors off the Competition
Aftermarket Printed
Factory Printed
OEM Printed
Instant NavigationYesNoNo
Search FunctionalityYesNoNo
Real-Time UpdatesYesNoNo
Comprehensive Automotive TermsYesNoNo
Safety PrecautionsYesYesYes
Diagnostic Trouble CodesYesYesYes
Universal Troubleshooting SymptomsYesNoNo
Factory-Recommended Repair StepsYesNoYes
Illustrations and DiagramsYesYesYes
Image ZoomingYesNoNo
Wiring SchematicsYesYesYes
OEM Part NumbersYesNoYes
Up-To-Date Part PricesYesNoNo
Technical Service BulletinsYesNoYes
Equipment RecallsYesNoNo
Labor TimesYesNoYes
Dedicated Support RepYesNoNo
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