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Our Story

We've been helping shops and vehicle owners get the repair information they need for 20 years.
Shop owner and mechanic inspecting a vehicle

Two decades serving the industry, and we're just getting started.

  • Founded in 2003

    A former shop manager starts Repair Surge just down the road from a Michigan auto manufacturing plant.

  • Version 1.0 is released

    Users complete their repairs successfully and provide feedback on further improvements.

  • Repair Surge grows

    We listen to our users and focus on delivering maximum value. It works.

  • Expanding vehicle coverage

    Through partnerships and data integrations, vehicle coverage expands rapidly.

  • Continuous improvements

    From speed to ease of use, we're never satisfied with "good enough" for our users.

  • Fast-forward to today

    Repair Surge is an established, professional-grade repair info solution for nearly all vehicles.

Our Mission

To meet the technology needs of the shops and DIY mechanics who keep society running.

At Repair Surge, our values are probably similar to yours. We believe in fairness, honesty, and hard work. And like you, we aim to solve real problems for real people.

Back in 2003, our company was born just down the road from a Michigan auto manufacturing plant. We've grown since then, mostly thanks to our amazing users and the feedback they've given us over the years.

We still have just one priority. To deliver maximum value to shops and DIY mechanics. We like to keep things simple that way.